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The most private multi-device digital currency, built with military grade encryption

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Taking privacy to the next level

Privacy First
Unlike other privacy coins, ARRR is a privacy first architecture that doesn't compromise on privacy, making it the worlds most secure coin.
Private Transactions
Private send transactions only. No public sends make it the largest organic shielded funds pool of any project using zk-SNARKs.
Future Proof
Sapling upgrade implemented, which opens up the path to lite wallets, mobile wallets, and Point of Sale functionality.
World Class Developers
Pirate developers are some of the most highly regarded in blockchain, having been pivotal developers in other major projects such as Zcash and Komodo. 
Community Powered
There was no ICO, IEO, or presale. There is no dev reward/fee. This project is 100% community-backed and organic.
We offer a variety of advanced privacy tools for integration to your online ecosystem.

What is Pirate Chain?

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Created and supported by the original team to protect your financial privacy

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A community of pirate projects

One of the most attractive and fundamental aspects of the project, is its unique and dedicated team of projects engineers, from top developers within the community. As a community driven project, this sets it apart from the other blockchain projects of a similar nature. See some of these projects listed below.


In addition of using the world’s most private cryptocurrency, the Pirate OS offers plug-and-play USB functionality as an additional layer of security.


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PiratePay is a fully decentralized, open source payment gateway that allows you to accept Pirate ($ARRR) on your websites and stores.


The ARRRmada are stores, service providers and companies that accept ARRR as a means of payment.

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